Corporate Profile

Established in February 2014, LOGOS Wealth Management Group Company Limited (“LOGOS Wealth”) is a member of Professional Insurance Brokers Association and and with an Insurance Broker License issued by Hong Kong Insurance Authority (Licence No : FB1689) for running General & Long Term Life Insurance Business (excluding Linked Long Term Life Insurance Business). LOGOS Wealth is an independent insurance intermediary that based on biblical principles to provide reliable, professional and comprehensive risk management services for the best interests of our customers.  

* Registration licences info can be checked on the website of the Hong Kong Insurance Authority ( ).

 LOGOS Wealth has developed a global strategic partnership with over 50 world-renowned financial institutions (including members of the Fortune Global 500 Companies) to provide a wide range of sophisticated financial products and world-class insurance services to our prestigious customers. Based on the average of 5 insurance companies co-operated by other insurance brokers in Hong Kong, the service platform provided by LOGOS Wealth has surpassed the industry by nearly 10 times and ranks among one of top key market players in he industry!

Note: LOGOS Wealth is remunerated for its services by the receipt of commission paid by insurers. Your agreement to proceed with this insurance transaction shall constitute your consent to the receipt of commission by the Company.

Our Services 

Advised Basis

Business Risk

Management Services

*The advised basis Business Risk Management and Family Wealth Management Services are limited to selected customers only and have not been opened to the public.

^ The non-advised basis Self-service Online Insurance Application Service is now officially open to the public.

Wealth and honor come from you; you are the ruler of all things.
In your hands are strength and power  to exalt and give strength to all. 

Bible - Chronicles 29:12